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Press for The War of Woo

Alfred C. Kemp and Christopher Lee

 "...the demon admires humans’ complexity while dismissing the binary of “good” and “evil” represented by Heaven and Hell, presenting himself as a kind of cosmic third-party candidate...the impish, scheming LEE gives an eternity-worthy showcase of suavity and skeeve."

"The entire cast of The War of Woo take on their roles with joyful verve.  As the demon, CHRISTOPHER LEE is particularly loving his chance to camp it up... Can this devilishly handsome hellraiser and the willowy blonde deity come to an agreement? ...this odd couple can barely contain their Old Testament-style lust for each other.  As a reviewer, I feel the same way about this production."

War of Woo

Seth Gilliam, Christopher Lee, Samantha Simone, Olivia Baseman, and Tad D'Agostino in The War of Woo

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